The Bingöl University Applied Hotel and Thermal Facilities have been opened for service at the date of 15.01.2014 within the scope of the Bingöl University. This facility which has been gained to the province of Bingöl is serving to the local and regional people.

18 rooms (for accommodation)

Male-female totally 2 Vip pools, 4 thermal pools, 2 steam baths, 2 saunas.

Vip pool = 9 m²

Thermal pool = 40 m²

Thermal pool =100 m²

Sauna = 8 m²

Steam bath = 8 m²

1 room =27 m²

Currently, the thermal facility building is composed of Z+1 floors. (If it was removed from the site, the thermal facility building would be Z+3 floors.)

Z+1 floor total construction area = 5.840 m²

Z+3 floor total construction area = 7.135 m²