Bingöl, one of the most beautiful cities of Eastern Anatolia, offers healing to its visitors with its hot springs, Bingöl University Practice Hotel and Thermal Facilities. Bingöl University Practice Hotel and Thermal Facilities, which were newly established within the body of Bingöl University, are one of the important facilities brought to the province of Bingöl.

It is known that the thermal waters in Bingöl have been a source of healing for thousands of years from past to present. Thermal Facilities are located in Ilıcalar town which is on the 22nd km of Bingöl-Erzurum road 22. Km. There are a total of 6 indoor pools, including a 36-bed hotel, 2 thermal pools at 42 °C separately for men and women, 2 pools below body temperature, and 2 thermal pools. The facility, which consists of 2 Turkish baths, 2 saunas, a restaurant, massage and relaxation rooms, has a very modern appearance. All systems of the facilities are controlled via computers with automation programs.

In addition, the facilities are the application area for students studying in the Tourism and Hospitality Program and the Physiotherapy Program.

Our thermal facility is used in the treatment of many diseases. These are as follows;

  • In the treatment of the Bone diseases, Bone thinning and tooth decays:
  • Treatments after the orthopedic surgeries, articular and juncture pains, calcification and rheumatic diseases (especially soft tissue and degenerative diseases)
  • In the treatment of the stomach and intestinal diseases:
  • Gastritis, ulcer, stomach contraction and epigastric burning.(It is effective in the elimination of the bowel laziness.
  • In the treatment of the urinary tracts diseases:
  • Chronic urinary tracts infections.(Prostate, infertility, cystic etc.
  • In the treatment of the neurotic diseases:
  • It is good for the psychological diseases depending on the stress and depression.
  • In the treatment of the cardiovascular diseases:
  • It is assisting to the treatment of the diseases depending on the blood pressure.
  • In the treatment of the gout:
  • It is assisting to the treatment of the gout.
  • In the treatment of the diabetes:
  • It is effective in the healing of the wounds on the body in a short while and softening of coarctation.
  • In the treatment of the gynaecological diseases:
  • It is supporting in the treatment of the chronic gynaecological diseases and infertility.
  • In the treatment of the fluorine deficiency depending on the nutrition:
  • It is beneficial to the tooth diseases, gingival problems and bone thinning in the pregnant.